Safety on the Victorian Rail Network

Don't take the risk, use Safeworking Solutions.

We are the Safety Specialists

We are the experts when it come to Safety on the Victorian Rail Network.

When we design a work method safety plan for your particular work activity, there will be no surprises, it will work as we have described.

Don't learn about the traps of working in the rail environment by making devastatingly expensive mistakes on your project, take advantage of our friendly and open discussion at the tender stage, our experience in planning and our competence and reputation while implimenting your project.

Safeworking Solutions Employee Expertise
• Rail Access
• Accredited Rail Operator (ARO)
• Third Party Access Support
• Risk Assessments
• Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)
• Operations
• Project Planning
• Supervision
• Consultation
• Safeworking
• Train Track Safety Awareness


Our Team of Safety Experts

Our business is ALL about Service. We don't cut corners, we do the job right the first time, everytime.



Operations Manager

Administration Manager


Jim Talbot

Mark Aldred

Justine Young



TFPC (Track Force Protection Coordinator).
* Take out occupations.
* Run protection (under live train running).
* Supervise and coordinate large work groups.
* Ability to operate on and fulfil Safeworking tasks throughout Victoria at all levels.

PTW (Permit to Work).

Electrical Permit to Work PTW holder